Unity x NEAR SDK


  • Too Hard for Mobile Developers to get started in the Web3 space.
  • Huge costs and manpower needed to build communities and web3 elements.
  • Lots of unknowns and research to be done before games can be released as a P2E game.
  • Scared, a bug in a game for a small F2P developer team can swiftly be fixed with no real fallout. However, add in P2E and the need for centralised and well audited becomes important.


  • A Unity x NEAR SDK that is a drag and drop software to turn a F2P mobile game into a P2E game.
  • Letting game developers concentrate on what they are great at - making games.
  • Allowing users another stream of income for their games.
  • All Web3 elements sorted centrally by ourselves - allowing for smaller teams to be involved in Web3 gaming.

Huge Potential

Games have been proven to be one of the main drivers of adoption on L1 Blockchains. They allow for a large scale rarely seen in Web3. Added to that, when you can give creatives the tech to concentrate on what they are best at like, making games, that is when you get some amazing results - and what we are doing now!