$EMBR Coin

$EMBR (EMBER) Coin Info

  • $EMBR Coin is the over-arching coin in the PlayEmber Eco-system.
  • Capped to 1,000,000,000.
  • Deflationary due to upgrading and burning mechanics.
  • Completely interoperable over all games under PlayEmber

$EMBR Value

  • Used to increase the base $SPRK earning multiplier on your NFT across all games
  • Capped and deflationary meaning prices should inflate.
  • Purchase upgraded NFTs from the Ember Marketplace
  • DAO of PlayEmber Ecosystem. In time recieve a percentage of all advertising earnings form all games running EmberCoin.

$EMBR Token Sinks

  • Upgrading NFT to increase base $SPRK multiplier
  • Purchase of game specific special NFTs
  • Staking
  • Daily mutlipliers - up for a gaming marathon? Give your NFT a 24hr boost!