Welcome to PlayEmber
Taking blockchain mobile.

Bringing blockchain technology into a multi billion dollar mobile games market

Our project will be the default web3 monetisation SDK for mobile games studios.
Our platform is taking and sharing value from advertising and centralisation/walled gardens in web2 and bringing it into the decentralised token economy in web3, putting in the hands of players and creators.
So how big is the market we are aiming at?
In the past 5 years alone we have seen over $45 billion in M&A in web2 monetisation companies - IronSource and AppLovin's IPO's, acquisitions of TapJoy, Vungle, Liftoff, MoPub, AdColony, Chartboost.
There is no doubting the size of the global mobile audience playing mobile games everyday that we are targeting! Players downloaded 82.98 billion mobile games in 2021. (AppAnnie) andChina, the United States, and Japan were the top three markets in 2021 by mobile game revenues with $56 billion, $43 billion, and $20 billion in revenue, respectively. (AppAnnie)

NEAR Foundation Grant

We are proud to have received a significant grant from the NEAR Foundation to build out our gamefi middleware project using Near Protocol and the Near Wallet. The team at NEAR built their wallet specifically for non crypto natives and web2 consumers, removing a lot of the onboarding challenges experienced in the first wave of GameFi 1.0.
Leading Mobile Games Studio - bringing Web3 games to the masses with NEAR