Welcome to PlayEmber
Bringing P2E gaming to the masses with NEAR

Web3 Mobile Game Studio

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    We make mobile games for the masses - with over 100 Million mobile downloads in 3 years.
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    We are going to bring that huge scale of users to Web3 and onto the NEAR Protocol

NEAR Foundation Grant

We have the backing of NEAR Foundation to become the 'No.1 Blue Chip Game Studio on NEAR' and to spark the explosion in mass market mobile gaming on Web3 with NEAR

Mass(ive) Market

This is a mass market mobile gaming project not just for gamers. Simple, pick up and play hit mobile games for everyone to enjoy. No need to but a $100 NFT to get involved here!

Built for Web 2.0 / The Importance of Onboarding

As a mobile game studio, concentrating on huge scale mass market games, we are experts at onboarding new / non gamers to playing games - check out some of the games we've created here. This is one of the many reasons why we are so excited to team up with NEAR Protocol, as they have, in our opinion, an unrivalled smooth onboarding for creation / opening of a wallet.
Leading Mobile Games Studio - bringing Web3 games to the masses with NEAR