PlayEmber Studio Stats
That's Us

1.5 Million minutes

Every single day 1.5 million minutes are spent playing our games. That is a lot of eyeballs on EmberCoin and NEAR!

100 Million Downloads

Within the last 3 years we have had well over 100+ Million downloads for our games over the Apple and Google Play Store.

5 Million MAUs

Currently our games recieve over 5+ Million Monthly Active Users. A huge funnel of new users to keep EmberCoin a truly sustainable token.

15 Strong Team

A diverse and skilled team working in-house in the UK and remotely around the world. Proven expertise in the competitive mobile gaming industry with Hit upon Hit game. An ever growing team but still agile enough to excel in a rapidly evolving market.

Mobile Gaming Expertise

In summary, we are a team of 15 mobile gaming experts that love Web3. A diverse team that combined have well over 1 Billion! Downloads between us.
PlayEmber have launched no.1 games, no.1 Card games, Simulation games and way more. A well renowned team with various hit games - check some of them out here โ€‹
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