Experienced Team
Over 20 years of Gaming Experience and over 1 Billion Downloads between Us
Team full of Gaming and Web3 experience
  • Hugo Furneaux - CEO PlayEmber. Head of 2 highly successful and profitable mobile games studios. Multiple facets to the businesses including mobile Web2, mobile Web3, NFTs and Console.
  • Chris Gale - Co Founder of Few and Far NFT Marketplace on NEAR and serial successful Web3 founder and advisor. CEO of MetaEdge Ventures and Co-founder of Verasity with a $300M Market Cap.
  • Eoin Whelan - Fundraiser extraordinare, previous employment with well renown Web2 companies such as BDO and Price Waterhouse Coopers. CSO behind Human Protocol.
  • Jimmy LV - CTO - Head of Web3 Development. Has been there and done it with Solana and RUST building out impressive dapps. A coup for PlayEmber who will help to supercharge our growth in the NEAR and Web3 Ecosystem.
  • Jon Hook - A Gaming Industry expert with years of experience at the biggest and most successful companies. BoomHits, Homa, Ad Colony and many more.
  • Ollie Pope - Unity and Web3 Developer with a thirst for learning and teaching too - Game Lecturer at University of the Arts London.
  • Jack Roper - Senior Unity Developer behind hit games such as Superhero Race. Developer with over 20 Million downloads and a key part of the Web2 / Web3 gaming team.
  • Phuong Nguyen - The 3D Modelling King, there is nothing Phuong can't model and animate. From low poly game assets to high poly NFT assets, Phuong is our go to.
  • George Dickenson - Social Media Manager - When George isn't on Discord he's on Twitter and vice versa.
  • Muhammad Irfan - Studio Lead for Pakistan arm of PlayEmber - the team behind Cargo Parking our newest hit game, climbing the charts.
  • Rahman Butt - Senior Unity Developer - A stickler for detail and an experienced and talented Unity3D developer.
  • Josh Davies - Junior Unity Developer and keen learner. Making sure previous hit games don't get left behind with new content updates to keep monthly actuve users high.
  • Muhammad Shazaib - Junior Unity Developer and quick prototyper, helps us ratify game ideas quickly through rapid testing.
  • JT Huskins - Marketing Advisor - Lives and breathes Web3 and knows just how to build a project to a Web3 behemoth.
  • Paul B - Senior Unity Developer with over 50 Million downloads for games created. A developer with an eye for detail and a Unity whizz - a stalwart of the PlayEmber team.

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