Digital Identity
We believe digital identity is a key part that players should have control and ownership off. We are thinking a lot about what blockchain technology can enable (ownership/transfer of assets, community, UGC). And how can we bring these into mass casual games.
In our project we will be offering players 2 routes
  1. 1.
    NFT that you can level up - using your NFT to level up and unlock higher levels of prizes, rewards, access to competitions.
Players will need to burn their existing NFT and level up using $EMBR to a higher level NFT that will enable the to gain access higher value rewards and competitions.
This is also will provide players with liquidty should they decided to play and grind up their NFT to a certain level and then sell their NFT.
2. Cosmetic avatars that are a reflection of who you are - buy, sell, trade cosmetic items in your marketplace to evolve your personal avatar.
Some of this has been established from existing web2 business for example where players spend millions on cosmetic skins . For example Fortnite made $50million selling 3.3 million NFT skins in 2 months via partnership with the NFL
Here the motivation is focused around the concept of identity (a Pfp angle) and being able to change your avatar as you wish vs an NFT purely as a utility to level appealing to more skill minded HC players. Here the focus is about an avatar that reflects who you are as an individual - we will then enable you to purchase new items on our marketplace. We also want to test if these 2 categories overlap and experiment with
1. Offering some cosmetic items you can add to your NFT that have in-game utility ( eg bonus XP) 2. Branded ( sponsored) items ( linked to our core proposition of being the leading web3 monetisation SDK) - eg Nike trainers, Adidas T Shirt
At PlayEmber we know from making games over the past 3-4 years based on in game behaviour - players customizing skins, changing avatars, merging items, sharing gameplay on TikTok. But currently there is no marketplace/tradable element in mobile games. We dont see this as simply โ€œenablingโ€ the trading of NFT as a means to buy, trade and store progression. Its also about your digital identity and expression of that in game and also on social media. Here we will explore
These are also sinks for $EMBR - these avatars can be traded with $EMBR and additional items traded with $EMBR and then you can upgrade your NFT with the new item, again using $EMBR.
At a later stage will explore how these NFT and digital avatars can be in game assets.


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