Competition and reward meta for players
When desiging any type of experience in mobile games, the most important element is motivation for a player to continue in the game. That motivation then drives retention which then enables additional opportunities to monetise and reward the player.
In phase 1 the key motivations we want to test are:
Play to earn in the traditional sense - rewarding players for gameplay. But not rewarding for idle gameplay - we think of it more as play and reward - eg for hitting certain levels, for achieving certain progression. We believe this is not a key driver for the hyper casual audience. ( eg Voodoo spun out Blitz - cash earning app, top games and ones they have spun out already are skilled based casual games NOT the HC games
Play and reward - we see 2 elements here
  1. 1.
    building on the above, a different outcome of this motivation vs FIAT, is physical rewards and digital assets - these could be gift cards, iphones, entertainment tickets.
  2. 2.
    also the gameplay itself ( see the section on our branded lootboxes) - playing games where rewards and hidden in the game and โ€œearnedโ€.
Play and compete - Gamifiy the concept of competitions and taking the classic esports level up/tournament system to a mass casual audience.
  1. 1.
    Same level up systems you find in a classic gaming tournament but with prizes to motivate mass consumer eg level 1 pay X $SPRK and get 1 entry to a competition to win 2 tickets to the Warriors vs level 10 pay X $SPRK for VIP Box at the PlayOffs
  2. 2.
    We will also try 1 v 1 wagering on some of our games that are not level based ( which we see as a big challenge in HC games for this model) - eg Baseball Clubโ€‹
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