Mobile Gamer Motivations and Behaviour
What Motivates Users to Play Mobile Games?
Here are the main reasons why users play mobile games:
  • To relieve stress;
  • Pass the time;
  • To immerse themselves in another character or world;
  • To feel accomplished for completing something challenging;
  • Express something unique about themselves;
  • To connect with people they already know;
  • Be dazzled by something unique;
  • To connect with a subject theyโ€™re passionate about outside gaming.
(Data source: Facebook Gaming)

What Influences Players to Return After 30 Days?

  • Hearing about a reward for coming back
  • Someone bringing up the game during an in-person conversation
  • Hearing about new content or available updates
  • Seeing the game mentioned on social media by friends/family
  • Seeing news articles or blog posts about the game
(Data source: Facebook Gaming)
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